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A Warm Welcome and an Exciting Milestone

Since we opened our doors nearly five years ago, Haven has been fortunate to have you, our supportive and loyal clients. We appreciate your love of local business, and your support has provided us the opportunity to grow and offer our services throughout the St. Matthews and now Douglass Hills area.

We are excited to share that our team has decided to say thank you to our clients in the most meaningful way - by giving back!

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team, Bailey Coleman.

Bailey joins our team as a Nail Technician Apprentice, as Haven is currently sponsoring Bailey to attend nail school.

While Bailey will benefit from the financial support to earn her license, she will also benefit from the encouragement and experience of our incredible Haven team. We are so proud of Bailey, her work ethic and enthusiasm are contagious, and she is a fantastic addition to our team. Bailey is on track to finish her studies and become licensed by mid-summer, which is when you can expect to see her sweet smile at both Haven locations.

Thank you again for your support of Haven, we appreciate you and are here to serve you anytime. Click here to book your next appointment!

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